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Protecting and taking care of our seniors is a culture that reminds us that we have where we came from, we should do it and promote it.

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Through visiting the widows in their sorrow state and support them and equip them with skills, it doesn't only bring back the lost hope but also changes their lives forever. We support widows, the elderly, orphans, school drop-outs and local communities. We thank you for showing interest in supporting us through giving any kind of assistance to help maintain the programs we are running.

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Through visiting our seniors and donating whatever we have to them, brings back the lost hope and realise that they are not forgotten.
It was on the 11th day of August 2014 when we officially launched Smiling World Ministries at Budecho Primary School in Busia District.
Through visiting widows in their sorrow state and support them, it doesn't only bring back the lost hope but changes their lives forever.
Through our poverty eradication programs, we equip widows and school drop-outs with different skills as a way of changing their lives

Orphans Support Program

Under this program, we offer education support and care to orphaned children to help them enjoy the privileges of living in a learned world like other children with parents. And that education offer orphaned children is also aimed at making them have a bright future, which we believe they can become so useful, important and productive to our communities and to the World in general than when ignored and denied the chance to learn they do not have parents.

Photo: Some of the orphans from Busia district playing at school. Have you ever thought that $100 can pay a Child's school fees for a term in many good rural Area schools in Uganda?. Donate now to support our orphans

Elderly Support Program

We came to realize that so many elderly people in many African countries are suffering because most are not being taken care of by the government. They do not have any program put to cater for elderly people yet they need serious medical care and support because they do not have energy to produce enough food which can run them for long period and yet many of them agriculture is their main source of income which needs energy to have something produced

This program will start from Busia district and then move to other parts of the country and later will be moved to other African countries

Widows Support Program

Many African families have been hit by HIV- Aids scourge, women are left without any help but with children and yet they are also sickly and weak. So under this program, we give support to them through offering skill to them which can help them start small businesses which can sustain them with their children (Tailoring, Art and Crafts making skills poultry, farming skills and animal rearing)

To make this program a success to every involved, we shall be looking for their products market, both local and international through our marketing department

School Drop-outs Support Program

This program is targeting mainly females but it will later involve males. It is aimed at equipping all school drop outs with skills which can help them sustain themselves without becoming dependents and problems to their parents, relatives or friends. Skills include: Carpentry, tailoring, Art and crafts making, New Farming techniques and methods and many others which will be thought fit and productive to the community

Smiling World Ministries believes that when we make all people productive, the world will become easy for us to live and we shall be able to create a better world than we found it.

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About Smiling World

Smiling World Ministries is a Non-Governmental organization in Uganda founded in February 2013 by Lilian Kather.

The organization is still in Uganda with Headquarters in Kampala but it has a dream of moving to other different Nations of the World.

It is registered under the Non- Governmental Organization Act, Cap.113 of the Republic of Uganda and the Certificate of registration and Incorporation number is 10556.

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